Welcome to the
CFC of Western Montana!


Keyworkers are the life-line between the LFCC and the federal employees in every workplace within our campaign region.  It is their job to present the campaign as an option for charitable giving to their colleagues, and to ensure  that the pledge forms arrive where they need to be on time.

Please begin sending your completed pledge envelopes to Alyssa at:

CFC of Western MT

PO Box 7395

Missoula, MT 59807

Don't forget to fill out all of the information on the envelope!

Send Alyssa an e-mail to let her know that your packet is on it's way!

Thank you
to all of our outstanding
Keyworkers.  Your volunteerism makes each year a success!  Please
contact us with any questions or concerns you have along the way! 

Whether you are a designated Keyworker for your department or the ONLY employee in your rural post office, support and information is available from your local PCFO.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Alyssa.
Call Alyssa at (406) 549-6104 or send her an email.

OPM has extended the campaign season!!
You now have until January 15th to turn in your pledge forms to your payroll offices. However, best case scenario is still to turn in your paperwork by the original date of December 15th so that pledges will be honored beginning with the first pay period of the new year. Please click here to read the letter from OPM.

2013 Keyworker Manual - pdf available for download
2013 CFC Report Envelope-pdf available for download
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